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Contact: Debbie Davis

Phone: 627-4521

Date: 5-14-02

For Immediate Release


The Haywood Community College Foundation kicked off its Annual Fund Drive, "Touching Life", on May 14. This spring, as the Foundation asks the people of Haywood County to show their support of HCC, the foundation is emphasizing the impact HCC and its graduates have on our community. In the past 37 years, HCC has served over 171,461 students.

Foundation Chairperson, Keith Pope said, "HCC graduates are entwined in the very foundation of our community. Our students’ successes impact not only their own families but make a difference in the quality of life for all residents of Haywood County. You will find HCC graduates in all facets of the workforce that makes our community thrive. By supporting the future of HCC, you are also supporting the future economic development of our community." Foundation directors believe that HCC graduates directly impact the economy and life in our area.

Members of the HCC Foundation will be asking for contributions from individuals and businesses to fund special programs, acquisitions, and scholarship programs for the college which will enhance the educational experiences of HCC students.

This year’s Annual Fund Drive goal is $180,000. Through private donations, the HCC Foundation aids, strengthens and furthers the work and service of HCC. Funds collected during the annual drive are used for scholarships, to keep abreast of current technology, and to assist with college needs to ensure every HCC student receives a top-notch education.

According to Foundation Executive Director, Laura Leatherwood, $114, 323 of scholarship money was awarded with the assistance of the Foundation to over 155 students in 2001. Scholarships are usually awarded based on financial need and academic abilities. Many scholarship recipients would be unable to continue their education without this assistance.

According to Keith Pope, Foundation chairperson, gifts to the Foundation have grown year after year thanks to community involvement and support. In the past year, Foundation funds have supported many programs for the college. The Foundation also awarded several mini-grants to faculty and students. With these funds students and faculty were able to travel, conduct special studies and gain real-life experiences through college vs. college competitions.

The Foundation conducts its Annual Fund Drive once a year, but will accept gifts throughout the year. The HCC Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. All gifts are fully tax-deductible under federal and state tax laws.

If you would like more information about giving opportunities through the HCC Foundation, please contact Laura Leatherwood at 627-4544.