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DATE: 02-27-03



Haywood Community College has three programs designed to help high school students either gain high school or college credit while still in high school or guide them on a successful path to pursue and complete a college degree.

Dr. Nathan Hodges, HCC president, says "We welcome the opportunity to work with high school students in our classrooms and at the high schools. We feel that the programs familiarize students with the college environment and get students on a fast track to a college degree."

Through the College Tech Prep program, students choose a Career Pathway from major career clusters and take recommended high school courses that will provide students with the academic, vocational, and technical background needed to pursue their chosen career. Upon graduation from high school, students may receive advanced placement at HCC or may get course credit for successful completion of designated courses taken in high school. Students must score a grade of "B" or better in each high school class and score 80 or higher on VoCATS Post Assessment Scores that are given at the high school. Students must enroll at the community college within two years of high school graduation.

The College Tech Prep program gives students more educational and career opportunities, as well as yielding better-educated workers to businesses and industries. "It is a valuable program that gives students a sampling of experiences that they can explore after graduation," says Mr. Bill Upton, Superintendent of Haywood County School System.

Through the Dual Enrollment program, students can earn college credit while still in high school. Those interested must have the signature of their high school principal and superintendent and approval of the college president. Home schooled students must supply a copy of their approval letter from the NC Department of Non-Public Instruction. To be eligible for the Dual Enrollment program, students must be 16 years of age or older, taking three courses or enrolled in the equivalent of half of the school day, and be making appropriate progress toward graduation as determined by the school principal.

Reagan Rodney, a 2000 graduate from UNCA, was a home-schooled high school student that benefited greatly from HCC’s Dual Enrollment program. Rodney finished high school at the age of 16 and was taking classes at HCC before that. "The Dual Enrollment program was a great preparation for moving on to a university," Rodney says. "It also allowed me supplemental social interaction as a home-schooled student."

Dual Enrollment students are exempt from regular tuition for curriculum courses but must pay the cost of textbooks and supplies for all classes. Students interested in Dual Enrollment can not displace HCC’s regular students. They can only fill any available space after HCC students have enrolled. College credit will be awarded to dual enrollment students upon successful completion of the courses.

According to Dr. Janice Gilliam, HCC’s Dean of Student Services, "Dual enrollment averages about 20 students per semester, the majority of which are home schooled." For more information, students should speak with their high school counselor or Debbie Rowland, HCC’s Coordinator of Admissions at 627-4646.

HCC also offers Concurrent Enrollment Courses (Huskins Bill Group Courses) where HCC instructors teach classes to groups of 10 or more students per class. Concurrent Enrollment Courses allow high school students to earn credits toward an HCC degree and/or credits that will transfer to a four-year college or university while fulfilling high school requirements. These classes are offered at no cost to students except for the purchase of textbooks and materials.

"Concurrent Enrollment Courses constitute seven percent of HCC’s enrollment," according to Dr. Gilliam. "Over the last five years, enrollment in these courses have remained fairly stable, accounting for five to seven percent of total enrollment."

Corey Baker, a senior at Tuscola High School, spends about two hours a day taking a Concurrent Enrollment Auto Body Repair course on the HCC campus. Baker plans to enroll in the Auto Body Repair program at HCC in the fall. "When I enroll at HCC, I will be about four credits ahead," Baker explains. "That’s less time I will spend in college and the sooner I’ll be making money."

Mike Moore is the Concurrent Enrollment Auto Body Repair instructor at HCC. Moore, owner of M&B Paint and Body Shop in Waynesville, brings 32 years of experience to these students. "Students can’t get hands-on training like this anywhere else," Moore says.

Josh Way, also a Tuscola High School senior and Concurrent Enrollment Student, plans to enroll in the College Transfer program at HCC in the fall. After obtaining an associate degree, he then hopes to transfer to North Carolina State University to major in Automotive Design Engineering. Way says, "These classes are a good foundation for what I want to do eventually."

To be eligible for Concurrent Enrollment Courses, students must be enrolled in grades 9 through 12 and taking at least three high school courses in which appropriate progress is being made toward graduation. Recommendation for enrollment is required by the chief administrative school officer. Mutual agreement must exist between HCC and the chief administrative school officer that the students possess the academic and social maturity necessary to perform successfully in college credit classes.

Concurrent Enrollment Courses may be held on the HCC campus or other locations approved by HCC. According to Dr. Gilliam, on average 82% of the Concurrent Enrollment Courses are taught at Tuscola, 12% at Pisgah, and 6% at Central Haywood High School. For more information on Concurrent Enrollment Courses, please call Dr. Michael Germano at 627-4612 or Debbie Rowland at 627-4646.

HCC strives to help Haywood County by giving its residents many opportunities to succeed. These three programs are designed to give high school students many choices to better their educational and employment outlook. For more information on these programs or any other programs offered at HCC, please call 627-4500.

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(Cutline:) Corey Baker (front) works on the body of an automobile while Josh Way helps. Both of these Tuscola seniors spend about two hours a day in the Auto Body Repair program on the HCC campus through Concurrent Enrollment Courses.