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DATE: 07-17-03



Beginning Fall Semester 2003, HCC will offer Cosmetology to Haywood County high school students interested in the program. The classes will be held on the HCC campus through the Dual Enrollment program.

The Dual Enrollment program allows students to take college level courses while in high school. Those interested must have the signature of their high school principal and superintendent and approval of the college president. Home schooled students must supply a copy of their approval letter from the NC Department of Non-Public Instruction. To be eligible for the Dual Enrollment program, students must be 16 years of age or older, taking three courses or enrolled in the equivalent of half of the school day at the high school level, and be making appropriate progress toward graduation as determined by the high school principal.

Dual Enrollment students are exempt from regular tuition for curriculum courses at HCC but must pay the cost of textbooks and supplies for all classes. College credit will be awarded to dual enrollment students upon successful completion of the courses.

High school students will be able to complete half of the requirements for a Cosmetology diploma or associate degree during their junior and senior years. Upon graduation from high school, students can finish the program in two semesters at HCC.

Students enrolling in the part-time Cosmetology program would attend classes at HCC Monday through Friday from 12 to 4 p.m. for a total of 20 hours per week for the Cosmetology diploma or associate degree program. Students can also choose to enroll in Manicuring/Nail Technology or Esthetics Technology offered in the evening 20 hours per week for one or two semesters respectively.

According to Vicki Russell, Director of Career and Technical Education for the Haywood County School System, vocational education funding is being threatened at the state and federal levels, creating a need for the system to partner with Haywood Community College to offer classes for low enrollment and high cost classes. Cosmetology is one of the most expensive classes to teach at the high school level. "HCC and Haywood County Schools have a strong relationship. It is increasingly important to have a cooperative working relationship between the two systems with the current budget crisis," Vicki explains. "Haywood County Schools has had one of the strongest high school cosmetology programs in the state. I hope the transition to HCC can be the smoothest possible."

The HCC Cosmetology Program has experienced a 100 percent growth in the last six years and has an excellent pass rate since it began in 1987. HCC Cosmetology is a Pivot Point school, a nationally recognized cosmetology program of study, which serves as a model for other cosmetology schools across the United States.

The HCC Cosmetology program is comprehensive, covering all areas of advanced training in hair color and design, skin care, and nail technology. The faculty includes nationally known professionals that have worked in hair and makeup for films such as Titanic and The Last of the Mohicans. The faculty brings years of experience and advanced training.

As one of the first community colleges to offer the Associate degree in Cosmetology, HCC prepares students to operate their own business through the REAL program (Rural Entrepreneurship Through Actual Learning). According to Dr. Janice Gilliam, HCC Vice President of Student Services who started the program, "The key for this program is to provide students with the best education possible to maximize their potential and employability skills to work in any salon environment. Most of our graduates will either be owning a salon or working as an independent contractor so they will need more than just technical skills."

"This is a great opportunity for HCC to offer high school students," Deborah Ball, HCC Cosmetology Program Coordinator, explains. "It gives them a jump start on a college education. They can earn college credits in the diploma or associate degree in Cosmetology. We are very excited about the high school students joining our program."

Interested students should contact their high school guidance counselors or Cynthia Cook in Student Services at 627-4500. For more detailed information about the Cosmetology program or costs, contact Deborah Ball at 627-4641. Fall registration will be August 13 and 14 from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.