Haywood Community College, Southwestern Workforce Development Board, Haywood County JobLink Career Center and Mountain Stewardship Alliance is joining forces to offer a special keynote event featuring Mr. Chris Edmonds of the Ken Blanchard Institute based in San Diego. Mr. Edmonds will describe a revolutionary process designed to greatly enhance the motivation and productivity of any organization. The process is called Gung Ho! and is a solution for inspiring and motivating employees at all levels. The event will be held in the HCC Auditorium on May 27, 2004 from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.

In 2000, the Gung Ho! process, developed by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles

and co-authored by Edmonds, was recognized by Human Resource Executive magazine as one of the top ten programs of the year. Since then, Gung Ho! has had a dramatic effect on the businesses that have participated, improving quality, employee satisfaction, empowerment, and creativity and performance.

Debbie Trull, Gung Ho! instructor and HCC Coordinator of Human Resources, says Gung Ho! is a well-defined program with a simple concept. "It has tremendous potential for impact on the workforce, positive growth, and change," Trull explains. "It boils down to recognizing that everyone in an organization is doing worthwhile work, focusing on the vision and goals of the organization, and being able to celebrate all the successes jointly."

The keynote speaker, Edmonds, was one of the consulting partners in developing the Gung Ho! process and program and has helped leaders and managers change the culture in their workplace, refocusing it on doing worthwhile work driven by goals and values, putting workers in control of achieving goals, and cheering progress and commitment. Edmonds has over 20 years experience as a platform speaker, trainer and consultant. His clients include America Online, Clorox, Toyota, Allstate Insurance, IBM, BlueCross, GTE, and others.

Edmonds will speak on how Gung Ho! changes the workplace both in the organization and in the community by developing goals and values, improving morale and productivity, reducing employee turnover, enhancing creativity and innovation, and improving service to internal and external customers. The Gung Ho! program is applicable to businesses, non-profits, government organizations, health care enterprises and educational institutions.

Do not miss this exciting local opportunity to hear how you can revolutionize your workplace! Call 627-4667 if you would like more information or email rgreen@haywood.edu.