Haywood Community College


Contacts: Debra M. Davis, Diana S. Conard

185 Freedlander Drive

Clyde, NC 28721

828-627-4521 Fax: 828-627-4513

Date: 8-31-05

For immediate release.

Relief Drive for Hurricane Katrina Victims to Be Held at HCC

Haywood Community College will collect money and donations for hurricane relief on Thursday, September 8, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Students and faculty urge community residents to bring items to the college to help with this effort. To make it as convenient as possible for busy people, there will be a manned drive-thru where people can drop off their donations. Several local bluegrass musicians will be on hand to lend their support and talent to the occasion also.

The college will be accepting donations of money on behalf of the Red Cross. Checks should be made out to the Red Cross and should be tagged FOR HURRICANE RELIEF.

The college will also collect items for the MANNA Food Bank which will be distributed to hurricane victims. They have asked for the following items:

Disposable diapers

Peanut butter

Ready to eat meals

Paper products (paper towels, napkins, plates, toilet paper, etc.)

Cleaning supplies (antibacterial soap, disinfectant sprays, etc.)

Students, faculty, and staff of HCC urge the community to help us in this relief effort. For more information you may call the HCC Public Information Office at 627-4521.