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Date: 11-4-05

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John Palmer, HCC Campus Arboretum Director and forestry instructor, recently returned from the Netherlands where he gave the keynote lecture for dendrologendag (dendrology day) at the University of Wageningen. The trip was paid for by the Dutch Dendrology Society. The University of Wageningen is an agricultural college that teaches life and agricultural sciences. It is located on the far eastern side of the Netherlands beside Germany.

Palmer's lecture gave an overview of the forests and trees of North America. Palmer has led dendrology tours all over the United States including California, the Rocky Mountains, the Eastern United States, and south Florida. While this was his first trip to the Netherlands, Palmer has traveled to Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Germany with the International Dendrology Society.

"This trip was one of the top honors of my professional life," Palmer said. "To represent all of the United States was an extraordinary honor. It was very special to me."

John said that his presentation was enhanced by state-of-the-art satellite maps provided by his co-worker Blair Bishop.

Palmer began his career at HCC in 1977. He received a bachelor's degree in forestry from North Carolina State University and a master's in forestry from the University of Tennessee. He is on the International Dendrology Society board of directors as a United States representative. At HCC, Palmer is faculty advisor for the Student Chapter of the Society of American Foresters and the Forestry Club. He is the volunteer coach for the Woodsmen's Team. Palmer is the founder of Forest Festival Day at the Cradle of Forestry.


Photo attached-donated photo.

(CUTLINE:) John Palmer, HCC instructor, stands beside a one hundred year-old Giant Sequoia at Von Gimborn Arboretum in the Netherlands. Palmer made the trip to deliver the keynote lecture for Dendrology Day at the University of Wageningen.