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Date: 12-4-06

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When Melanie Stratton was a student at Tuscola High School, she took a few Advanced College Track classes through Haywood Community College. Little did she know how much they would help her in the future. One thing she did know was that she would get college credit for them.

Since then, Stratton continued her education at UNC- Chapel Hill where she will graduate in the spring in International Studies with a minor in Spanish. During spring semester 2006, Stratton studied in Cuba. For the summer, she received a grant to study in Mexico. Through both experiences, she gained valuable experience with a first hand view into foreign studies.

Stratton is not sure what her next move will be. She is wrestling with whether to choose law school or pursue a doctorate. Tough decision.

But what wasn’t a tough decision was the first step into college through HCC’s Advanced College Track courses. “Taking those classes while I was still in high school enabled me to free up my schedule in college to concentrate more on classes within my program,” Stratton says. “It allowed me time to study abroad and still graduate on time. It gave me the flexibility I needed.”

HCC’s Advanced College Track provides opportunities for high school students to get a head start with their college education. The program familiarizes students with the college environment while giving them more educational and career opportunities. Tuition is free to high school students although they are responsible for the purchase of any required textbooks. Options available include dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, or college tech prep classes.

For more information about ACT or eligibility requirements, please call Student Services at 627-4500.