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Date: 12-4-06

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HCC’s REAL Program Attracts Visitors from Norway

Haywood Community College’s Rural Entrepreneurship through Action Learning (REAL) curriculum recently drew the interest of visitors from Norway. Paal Dahl, Asbjorn Sande, Bjofrn Are Hultman, and Grete Berdal from the Norwegian Red Cross, and Ivar Offerdal from Sogn Fjordane University College came to HCC to learn how entrepreneurship is integrated into classrooms at HCC. The visitors are interested in creating a similar entrepreneurial training model for use in Norway.

While at HCC, the visitors toured HCC’s Professional Crafts and Cosmetology Programs.

The REAL curriculum explores the key issues necessary to successfully start and operate a profitable business using entrepreneurial skills. REAL classes are taught by community college instructors certified through REAL Enterprises as facilitators. REAL courses use cooperative learning teams, with an end result of completion of a business plan by each student. Textbooks are not used and students participate in a number of experiential learning activities for each element of the business plan.

HCC has used the REAL Program since the late 1980s in curriculum classes, as well as through HCC’s Small Business Center. REAL graduates have opened a number of businesses throughout Haywood County.

The success of the program has been the focus of several international groups who have traveled to Western North Carolina to observe the training in action. HCC has hosted two delegations from Namibia and Denmark, as well as another group from Norway. Additionally, HCC REAL facilitator, Joseph Fox, has met with a delegation from Russia interested in implementing REAL entrepreneurship.

For more information on HCC’s REAL curriculum, contact Joseph Fox at (828) 565-4014.