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Date: 2-16-07

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HCC Forest Management Program Granted Continued Recognition by the Society of American Foresters

Haywood Community College’s Forest Management Technology program was recently granted continued recognition by the Society of American Foresters through 2016. The program at HCC is the only forest management technology program in North Carolina to be recognized by the Society of American Foresters.

This is the third recognition cycle for the college, which occurs every 10 years. HCC was first recognized through the society in the early 1980s. The Society of American Foresters is the professional governing body in North America to recognize and endorse colleges. A national committee rules on whether colleges receive recognition based on certain criteria such as meeting specific curriculum or program standards, access to a forest setting for labs, and credentials of instructors.

According to Douglas Staiger, HCC Division Chair of the Natural Resources Division, recognition by the Society of American Foresters sometimes determines whether employers select applicants for a job. Students often will only attend a college that is certified by the society.

“I am very pleased. This is an effort on the faculty’s part,” Staiger explains. “It took a year to put this together. I would like to say thanks to the forestry faculty team’s hard work in complying and presenting the appropriate documentation and report.”