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Date: 5-23-07

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Early College Students Mark Their First Year at HCC

Haywood Early College students recently celebrated their first year with special events on the HCC campus. Students were challenged to come up with a legacy as the first HEC class. What resulted was the planting of a tree donated by Mountain View Nursery and the burying of a time capsule to be opened 20 years from now.

HCC President Dr. Rose Johnson addressed the students. “What a wonderful opportunity to see you grow and develop each day.”

Bill Nolte, Associate Superintendent of Haywood County Schools said, “This is a very unique and special endeavor. There are only a few schools in the state like this. You are leading the way. We are proud of you.”

HEC is an accelerated, academically rigorous program that enables high school students to earn a high school diploma and complete sufficient college credit to earn an associate degree or complete transfer requirements by the end of their senior year.

Students will end their first year at HEC on May 29. Classes will start in the fall on August 16. For more information about the Haywood Early College, please call the Haywood County School System Office.