Haywood Early College recently held an Honors Day Ceremony on the campus of Haywood Community College to celebrate our outstanding students and recognize their accomplishments and excellence.

Students who were recognized at the ceremony were: Julie Burgess, Allison Cathey, Josh Stephenson, Kyle Hill, and Brenten Escott, Perfect Attendance; Heather Garrett, Emily Rector, and Blake Hemingway, Teens Against Underage Drinking; Travis Maynor and Allison Cathey, HCC Marshals; Lauren Williamson, Principal's Award; Samantha Macemore and Zack Suttles, Citizenship Award; Lauren Foster and Ashton Thomas, Highest Algebra I; Daniel Caldwell, Highest Geometry; Julie Burgess and Amanda Zurenda, Highest English; and Joey Pelletier, Rotary Student of the Year. Ambassadors included: Brenten Escott, Clint Herbertson, Allison Cathey, Josh Stephenson, Lauren Reinman, Lauren Williamson, Michael Sutera, Samantha Gibson, Travis Maynor, Jonathon Christopher, Julie Burgess, Daniel Caldwell, Tyanna Winchester, and Joey Pelletier.