Haywood Community College would like to invite the public to view the Arboretum's dahlia collection. The flowers are bursting with colors and can be seen until the first frost. HCC's dahlia garden boasts over 400 plants with over 250 varieties. The garden is located directly across from the Student Services building.

Over 20 dahlias from HCC's garden were recently on display as part of the Dahlia Show at the Waynesville Branch of the Haywood County Public Library. The show was sponsored by the Garden Council of Waynesville which includes four garden clubs.

The inspiration of the dahlia garden is credited to A.L. Freedlander. Freedlander loved dahlias and wanted the HCC campus to be a beautiful learning environment. When he donated money to the campus, he stipulated that a dahlia garden must be added.

Come see for yourself why HCC students, faculty and staff think the HCC campus is the most beautiful around.