Haywood Early College students enrolled in the Web Design class are getting real life field experience this semester as they design a web site for House of Hope's Henderson County location. House of Hope is a Christian residential program for troubled teenagers across the country and internationally.

Through this project, HEC students will apply not only how to design a website, but will do so without the use of paper. "This is a perfect way to follow through with the college's stance on sustainability," explains class instructor Tim Burke. "It's a way to help the environment and reduce waste."

Burke hopes students will learn how to work with organizations and businesses. "They will learn problem solving skills, how to ask questions, interpret answers and apply them to their project," he said. "The finished project can be seen by anyone in the world on the Internet."

According to Mindy Denney, WNC House of Hope co-founder, "This is a new spin for teenagers to design a website for teenagers. It's an answer to our prayers. We are truly blessed."

Project manager for the web site design is HEC student Leanna Jones. Students participating in the design include: Samantha Gibson, Leanna Jones, Max Maier, Travis Maynor, Tonya Singleton, Tamara Smith, Michael Sutera, and Zach Suttles.

Haywood Early College Web Design instructor Tim Burke explains a concept to students Samantha Gibson and Zack Suttles. Gibson and Suttles are working with fellow classmates to design a website for House of Hope, a Christian residential program for troubled teenagers in Etowah.