The North Carolina Community College System State Board has awarded Haywood Community College two BioNetwork Grants totaling $80,000. The proposal titled Videoconferencing Equipment Enhancement to Increase Biotechnology Distance Learning Opportunities was awarded $55,000. Development and Analysis of Protocols for Inclusion in the BioNetwork Plant Micropropagation Collaborative Project Database received funding of $25,000.

I congratulate you on the significant role your college is playing in developing biotechnology in North Carolina,” said Martin Lancaster, President of the North Carolina Community College System. “Since the bioprocessing and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is poised for tremendous expansion, your college will have a significant impact on workforce and economic development within our state. With the challenge of drastic decline in traditional industries in North Carolina, this project holds great promise and opportunity.”

HCC is a partner in the statewide BioNetwork initiative. The North Carolina Community College System BioNetwork is a statewide initiative that connects community colleges across the state, providing specialized training, curricula and equipment, to develop a world-class workforce for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.