Haywood Community College recently held a scholarship recognition event on the college’s campus. The event is a way to bring together donors who the means to give with the students who have a desire to succeed.

For the 2007/08 academic year, more than 125 donors invested in the potential of HCC students funding 205 scholarships totaling over $182,800. This is an increase of 37 scholarships in one year. A few of the new scholarships this year include: the Asheville Quilt Guild Scholarship, the Character & Values Scholarship, and the Connie Lister Memorial Endowed Scholarship. Over half of HCC students receive some form of financial aid.

“What a wonderful way to recognize the generosity and gratitude that bring us together with a common bond of hope, goodwill, and future aspirations,” said Dr. Rose Johnson, HCC President. “A gift of a scholarship is an investment of hope and goodwill in an individual student and in the economic and social health of this community. Before long the scholarship recipients of today will be providing the services of tomorrow to those who helped them complete their college education. I would like to thank you donors for making it possible for more people to have the funding needed to attend college.”

For many students, receiving a scholarship may the only way possible for them to attend college. According to Wes Hill, recipient of the Character & Values Scholarship, “I can live at home and keep my job while I receive the same high quality education at a lower cost.”

Following are the 2007/08 scholarships with student recipients:

 Appalachian Lumber Club Scholarship
Eugene Potts Jr.

Arts Council of Macon County Scholarship

Annie Suminski

Asheville Quilt Guild Scholarship

Established in 2007 to assist students in the Professional Crafts-Fiber Program

River Takeda-Capel
Aylor Webb Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1978 to honor the memory of Aylor Webb, a graduate of the Sawyer Program at Haywood Technical Institute.

Justin Grose
 Betty Jo Nichols Memorial Scholarship

Established by Tommy Nichols and Barbara Woody in 2005.              

Stephanie Hunter
Amanda Rathbone
Bryan Edwards Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2003 by Mark and Kathy Trantham in memory of their son, Bryan, who was a student at HCC.

David Vance
Butterscotch Scholarship

Established in 2003 by an anonymous donor.

Jeremy Sheets
C.E. Weatherby Endowed Scholarship

Established in 1993 by Mary Emma Weatherby in memory of her husband.

Alyssa Christina Williams

Calvary Baptist Church Ellie Brown Scholarship Fund

Janet Medford
CarePartners Health Services Foundation
Sarah Caldwell
Demi Tsigaris
Carl Painter, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Sarah Caldwell
The Character & Values Scholarship

Established in 2007 to assist students who demonstrate outstanding moral character and values.

Wes Hill
Amanda Rathbone

Clay County School System/John Allen Moore Scholarship

Larreah Joy Wilkinson
Coleman H. York Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2000 by Bonner York in memory of his father who was a skilled carpenter, mason, and cabinet maker.

Logan Franklin
Derek Jones

Community Foundation of Western North Carolina

Promoting philanthropy and building mountain communities.

                Harry W. Clarke Memorial Scholarship Fund

                Amanda Rathbone

Connie Lister Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2006 in memory of their mother by Connie’s children. Connie was the Coordinator of Compensatory Education at HCC for many years.

Crystal Dalison
Cruso Friendship Club
Edwards Bryan Rogers
Dan W. Moore Endowment Scholarship

Established in 1996 by the HCC Foundation to honor Dr. Moore’s service as President of the institution during the early 1990’s.

Justin Grose
Daniella Smith Endowed Scholarship

Established by Daniella F. Smith in January of 1998.

John Lauglin

Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community Scholarship

Cynthia Clampett

Delta Alpha Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship

Susan Downs

Donald & Katie Hooper Nursing Scholarship

Established in June of 1998 in support of HCC’s Nursing program.

Mary Robinson
Tonya Warren
E.S. Miller Scholarship
Ethan Matherly
Joshua Roten

East Canton Baptist Church School Fund Campus Life Scholarship

Alyssa Christina Williams
Eleanor Rothermel Scholarship

Established in 1984 by E.M. Rothermel in memory of his wife.

Christina Crump
Elaine Hudson Memorial Student Aid Fund

Established in 1993 by the Waynesville Business and Professional Women’s Club to honor the memory of their loyal member, Elaine Hudson.

Brooke Rhea
Elizabeth T. Staiger Memorial Scholarship

Established in the mid-80’s by Elizabeth’s colleagues in the General Studies Division.

Mary Allen
Eugenia Scroggs Clark Scholarship

Established in 1990 with contributions in memory of Eugenia Scroggs Clark.

Deborah Smith

Fines Creek Community Association Scholarship

This association has assisted many HCC students over the years and it is an excellent example of community and college working together for the betterment of the county.

Rachel Rathbone
First Year Fiber Student Scholarship
Mary Gagne

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 16 Scholarship

Christopher Morrow
Frazell Scholarship/Donald E. Hunt

Established in 1995 through a gift from the Robert V. Frazell Trust in memory of his son-in-law, Donald E. Hunt.

John Phoebus
Frazell Scholarship/Jean E. Hunt

Established in 1995 through a gift from the Robert V. Frazell Trust in honor of his daughter, Jean E. Hunt.

John Phoebus
Frazell Scholarship/Mildred M. Frazell

Established in 1995 through a gift from the Robert V. Frazell Trust in memory of his wife, Mildred Frazell.

Felipe Alicea
Frazell Scholarship/Robert V. Frazell

Established in 1995 by Jean Hunt in memory of her father, Robert V. Frazell.

Felipe Alicea
Fred Woodall Scholarship Fund

Presented by the Jonathan Creek Volunteer Fire Department

Ashton Heatherly
Zach Koonce

French Broad River Garden Club Scholarship

Established in 1992 to assist students studying Horticulture Technology.

Karen Moss

George Erwin Patton Endowed Horticulture Scholarship Fund

Established in 1998 by Dr. Helen Patton in memory of her brother, George Erwin Patton.

Alexander Howe

Golden Leaf Scholarship Program-Two Year Colleges

Administered through the NC Community College System.

Laura Clark
Christopher Davis
Tracy Frazier
Marsha Garnes
Paul Morton
Melody Owen
Rachel Ponchot
Jennifer Price
Caroline Quinn
Brooke Rhea
Jennifer Rogers
Gregory Sims
Deborah Smith
Jeffrey Sutton
Rachel Waters

Harold & Mary Pupkar Hansen Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1989 to assist Nursing students, through a gift from the Estate of Mary Hansen.

Debra Pickenpaugh

Haywood County Arts Council Beaty Merit Scholarship

Alyssa Christina Williams
Haywood County Schools Foundation

Established in 1984 to provide scholarships for high school seniors, grants for teachers and students, and to provide financial support for recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers.

                A. Roland Leatherwood Memorial/Champion Credit Union          Scholarship

                Amber James

                Altrusa International of Waynesville

                Shelda Davis

                Crysta James

                Ben Nathan Memorial

                Shaina Frady

                Rene Gamez

Champion Credit Union Scholarship

Crysta James

                David Sherrill Memorial Scholarship

                Chris Haney

                Haywood County Retired School Personnel Scholarship

                Callie Warren

                Haywood County Schools Foundation Scholarship

                Jessica Burgess

                Ashley McCall

                Home Builders Association of Haywood County

                Brian Coward

                Iona Tyson Memorial Scholarship

                Adam Hambleton

                Jack Somberg/Clyde Lions Club Scholarship

                Luke Gilliland

                Lake Junaluska Servant Leader Scholarship

                Ana Quintero

                Sunee Rushing

                Patton School Alumni Association Scholarship

                Callie Warren

                Pepsi-Cola Vocational Scholarship

                Wes Hill

                Zach Holcombe

                Rachel Mashburn

                Robert E. and Viola Forga Scholarship

                Christopher Morrow

                Sun Trust Student of the Year Scholarship

                Jordan Hollingsworth

                United Community Bank Scholarship

                Alyssa Christina Williams

Haywood Regional Medical Center/Louis P. Tiers Memorial Scholarship

Established by Bernice Tiers Medford in memory of her husband, Louis Patrick Tiers, because of the exceptional nursing care he received while at Haywood Regional Hospital.

 Barbara Case

Heather Denton
Emily Evans
Byron Floyd
Amber James
Jennifer King
Leslie Merrell
Melody Owen
Carla Robert
Maria Robinson
Erin Shaw
Deborah Smith
Velma Wood

Haywood Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship

HRMCA is an organization of 145 volunteers providing service and fund raising for the hospital.

Amy James
Caroline Quinn
Haywood Rotary Club Scholarship

The Haywood Rotary Club is a very active service club serving East Haywood County. They give a total of ten scholarships annually some of which go to Pisgah High School students and the remainder is designated for HCC students only.

Rebekah Gosnell

Haywood Rotary Club (Virgil P. Stewart Scholarship)

Established in 1981 by the Haywood Rotary Club.

Katrina Bullen

Haywood Scholarship Trust Fund (Hammett) Scholarship

Established in 1998 from a gift by Dr. Frank and Dr. Doris Hammett.

Jessica Ballew
Brooke Caldwell
Luke Gilliland
James Green

Haywood Community College Bookstore Scholarship

Established in 2003 by the HCC Bookstore.
Sharon Browning
Amanda Rathbone
Maria Robinson
Erin Shaw

Haywood County Board of Realtors

Kelly Mosser
Helen L. West Endowment Scholarship

Awarded through Central United Methodist Church of Canton.

Karri McKinnish
Mitchell McKinnish
Ingles Market, Inc. Scholarship

Ingles Market is a good example of community involvement as evidenced by its support of primary and post-secondary education.

Caroline Kiesow
Jacob Rogers
Dakota Trantham
Iredell-Statesville State Public School Fund
Zachary Smith

John and Virginia McNair Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2006 by Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Bolin in honor of John and Virginia McNair.

Crystal Dalison

Dr. John J. & Emmie P. Nerney Endowed Scholarship

Established in memory of Emmie Phillips Nerney in 2005.

Laura Clark
Martha Russell

Joseph H. and Nancy Nanney Student Financial Aid Fund

Established in 1989 with contributions from the HCC Foundation, Inc. and friends of Joseph H. Nanney.

Wesley Fredell
Darlene Richards
Judith A. Steffen Endowed Scholarship
Established by Reimar and Judith Steffen
Shane Smith

Long Shoals Baptist Church Marjorie Fullam Scholarship

Caroline Kiesow
Marion Garrett Scholarship

Endowed through a gift from Marion H. Garrett. 

Stephanie Conner
Mary Medford McElroy Scholarship

Established with contributions from the Mountaineer Chapter of Professional Secretaries International in honor of Mary Medford McElroy. 

Marguerite Carswell
Kristen King
Chasen-McCracken Scholarship

Established in 1995 by David Chasen, a graduate of HCC’s Electronics Engineering Technology Program.

Jimmy Clampitt
Wendell Sorrells
Men’s Garden Club of Asheville “Gerald H. Hardesty Scholarship”
Established in 2003.
To be Awarded
Mission Healthcare Foundation Mission Belles Scholarship

The Mission Belles fund is named in honor of Missions’ Hospital Nursing School alumni.

Stacy Inman
Heather Johanson
Kristy Kirkpatrick
Amanda Mackey
Rosa Miller
Jennifer Newland
Chrystal Pulliam
Brady Reece
Tamikka Young

Morning Star Methodist Church Hazel Hardin Scholarship

Jacob Rogers

Mount Zion Baptist Church Scholarship/Dennis Singleton Education Fund

Jacob Page

N.C. Association of Electric Cooperatives Youth Leadership Council Scholarship

Christopher Morrow

N.C. Community Foundation Canton High School Class of 1954 Scholarship

Callie Warren

Nancy F. Grace Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Established in 1995 in her memory by her daughter and granddaughters.

Jeremiah Steele

New Meridian Technologies Scholarship

Established in 2007 by Jon and Janice Feichter.

Peggy Conard

Nursing Education Scholarship Loan Program

Established in 1989 by the NC General Assembly.

Emily Evans
April Kelly
Melody Owen
Tiffany Reece
Michael Youngwood
Nurse Scholars Program

Funded by the NC General Assembly. This is an academic, merit-based scholarship/loan program.

Rose Knight
Caroline Quinn
Lydia Teague
Maria Robinson
Phi Beta Lambda Endowed Scholarship

Established in 1982 as a permanent endowment for the purpose of assisting students in the Business Education Department.          

Kristen King

Philanthropic Educational Organization Program for Continuing Education Grant (PEO Scholarship)

A Grant program providing financial assistance to women who meet PEO’s criteria.

Sharon Browning
Iris Love
Deborah Smith
Pink Francis Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2001 in memory of Pink Francis by the Haywood Soil and Water Conservation District for students in the Natural Resources program. 

Joanne Willoughby
Pop & Marj Kelly Endowed Scholarship Fund

Established in 1997 through donations from Marjorie Kelly in memory of her late husband, Pop Kelly.

Bridget Demery
Logan Franklin
Amanda Humphreys
Prevost Nursing Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2001 to assist students in the Nursing Program.

Erin Shaw
Reidsville Men’s Garden Club
Andrew Stewart
Reimar Steffen Scholarship
Established by Mr. Reimar Steffen
Ana Quintero
Rickard Family Endowed Scholarship

Established in 1999 by Leonard and Pauline Rickard.

Eric Taylor
Richard A. Wood Memorial Scholarship

Established by Appalachian Lumbermen’s Association and the family and friends of the late Dick Wood.

Joanne Willougby
Robert C. Roberts Endowed Scholarship

Established in 1999 through the last will and testament of Mary Alice Roberts in memory of her husband, Robert Cecil Roberts.     

Sherri Carson
Jennifer Hebb
Robert E. and Viola Forga Scholarship

Established in 1998 by Robert and Viola Forga.

Rene Gamez
Jennifer King
Wendell Sorrells
Nathan Wines

Robert E. Browning Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Established in 1997 in memory of Robert Browning, a 1987 graduate of the Forest Management Technology Program at HCC.

Christopher Davis
Robert Forga Nursing Scholarship

Established in 2001 for Nursing students by Audrey Forga in memory of her father, Robert Forga.

Tiffany Reece
Megan Woody

Rockwood United Methodist Church Scholarship

Rockwood encourages continued education through its scholarships to deserving students.

Stephanie Bennett
Kevin Trantham

Ruby H. Haney Memorial Scholarship (Woodmen of the World Fraternal Organization)

Established in 1996 to provide scholarships for Nursing students.      

Melody Owen
Rubye Bryson Nursing Scholarship

Established in 1992 by a past trustee of HCC to support HCC’s Nursing program.

Tina Riddle

Rutherford County Farm Bureau Scholarship

Braxton Spurlin
Sarah Queen Brown Endowed Scholarship

Established by Sara Queen Brown in 1998 to assist students attending HCC. Ms. Brown was the first female elected chairperson of the HCC Board of Trustees.

Cathy Clampitt

Dr. John T. Beatty Professional Crafts-Wood Scholarship

Established in 2000 in memory of Dr. John Beatty who moved to the Smoky Mountains from Connecticut in 1990 after retiring from a distinguished medical career of 34 years.

Phoebe Gibbs
Schug Foundation Scholarship
Paige Tilley
Schug Scholarship

Established in 2001 by John and Peggy Schug.

Anna Kirkpatrick

Shady Grove United Methodist Church Women’s “Allen & Jane Campbell” Scholarship

Benjamin Ellison

Shady Grove United Methodist Church Men’s Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1993.
Justin Bechtold
Brian Buchanan

State Employees Credit Union Foundation Scholarship

“People Helping People”
Kira Farrington
Amber Harverson
Kelley Hoglen
Deana Manier
Tai Lee Scholarship
Established in memory of Tai Lee.         
Jeremy Sheets
Wachovia Technical Program Scholarship

Awarded through the North Carolina Community College System.

April Moore
Wal-Mart Foundation Scholarship
Christopher Morrow
Walton and Marian Garrett Scholarship

A need-based scholarship established in 1988 by Walton and Marian Garrett.

Heather Hyatt

Waynesville Civilian Police Academy Alumni Criminal Justice Scholarship

Established in 2002 to assist students pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and a career in law enforcement.

Luke Gilliland
Waynesville Garden Club Scholarship

Established in 1998 and awarded to students in the Horticulture program.

Frank James
Leigh Roberts

Waynesville Lodge #259 Masonic & Order of Eastern Star Scholarship

Stephanie Hunter
Waynesville Rotary Club

Established in 1999 to assist deserving citizens of Haywood County who wish to further their education.

Lydia Teague
Brooke Rhea
W. Curtis and Ruby B. Russ Scholarship

Established in 1985 with contributions from the family and friends of Ruby B. & W. Curtis Russ.

Andrew Stewart
Megan Woody

Welch & Lou Singleton Memorial Scholarship

Established in the mid 1980’s by Mrs. Welch Singleton.

Christopher Davis
William Garrett Endowed Scholarship

Established in 1996 by Mrs. Garrett in honor of their son, William Garrett.

Jason Faulkner
Andrew Mauldin
William K. Medford Scholarship

Established in 2000 as a memorial and continues to be maintained by his loving daughters—Sheila Duckett, Lesa Jordan, Sharon Smathers-Smith and Zeta Woody.

Christopher Davis
WNC Community Credit Union

Awarded by the local Haywood County branch.

Rodney Medford



Pictured is HCC student Crystal Dalison. She is the 2007/08 recipient of the Connie Lister Memorial Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship was established in 2006 by Connie Lister’s children in her memory. Connie was Coordinator of Compensatory Education at HCC for many years.









Pictured left to right are Dr. Doris B. Hammett, HCC student Jessica Ballew, HCC student Luke Gilliland, and Dr. Frank Hammett. Ballew and Gilliland are two of four students who received the Haywood Scholarship Trust Fund (Hammett) Scholarship. The scholarship was established in 1998 from a gift by the Hammetts.