Haywood Community College recently received two IV pumps donated from Haywood Regional Medical Center. The infusion pumps come straight from the medical company, Med One, as refurbished equipment. The purchase of the pumps would have cost $3000.

According to Wendy Hines, HCC Nursing Program Coordinator, “Equipment such as this gives us hands-on experience that we need before we get clinical experience on the same equipment.”

Michael Rice, second year HCC nursing student was instrumental in HCC receiving the equipment. He will graduate this summer and plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing and eventually work in administration. “Nursing is a degree you can take in different directions,” he said. “And it’s very rewarding. People appreciate what you do. But you must be dedicated to finish the program. It requires long hours and is a demanding schedule.”

Rice is the son of HRMC’s president, David Rice. “Our desire at Haywood Regional Medical Center is to work closely with the college to assure that those programs remain in operation,” David Rice explained.

“Nursing equipment is expensive,” Dr. Rose Johnson, HCC President, said. “This donation is a tremendous asset for that program.”


Haywood Community College was recently presented with two IV pumps from Haywood Regional Medical Center. The pumps will be used in the nursing program to provide hands-on learning to students before they use the exact same equipment in clinicals. Left to right are HCC President, Dr. Rose Johnson; HCC Nursing Program Coordinator, Wendy Hines; second year HCC nursing student, Michael Rice; and HRMC President and father of Michael, David Rice.