The Haywood Community College Lumberjacks brought home their second win from Roxboro, North Carolina against North Carolina State University and Virginia Tech’s forestry conclave teams at Rolleo. This annual friendly woodsmen meet is hosted by North Carolina State University.

Students participated in a number of traditional forestry academic and physical events at the historic Hill Forest, just north of Durham.

In the academic events, Fish and Wildlife Management students Erin Bellavia and Max Cox finished first in the wildlife competition, and Forestry student Preston Honeycutt finished first in tree diameter estimation. HCC came out on top in most of the physical events. The open format of the competition allowed any team member the opportunity to chop, saw, throw an axe, or roll lumber so everyone who came got plenty of practice. The event concluded with a skeet shoot and home-cooked barbecue courtesy of NC State’s Forestry Club.

In February, the HCC Woodsmen’s Team will travel to Virginia Tech to compete. On April 12, HCC will host the Mid-Atlantic Woodmen’s Meet on the Clyde campus. Six teams will be part of the competition.

Haywood Community College Natural Resources student Jarrett Guffey prepares to start the cut in the Jack and Jill Crosscut event.

Haywood Community College Natural Resources students Erin Bellavia and Max Cox identify trees in the Dendrology Competition.