Haywood Community College’s Cosmetic Arts renovated facility was recently approved by the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts. The 800 building which was previously occupied by the HCC Childcare Center and Adult Basic Skills is now the home to the Esthetics and Nail Technology programs.  

“We have literally outgrown our facilities with the addition of our specialty programs,” said Deborah Ball, HCC Program Manager for Cosmetic Arts. “This renovated facility will now allow us to perform a greater number and larger variety of full body treatments.”

The renovated area includes two classrooms, a wet clinic, and a dry clinic. In addition, Therapeutic Massage, a program just recently approved, will also be housed in the building.  

“With this new wet clinic, we will now be able to treat the whole person instead of just the neck up,” Ball explains. “Studies have determined that when one part of your skin is suffering, all of your skin is suffering. These renovations will allow us to allow more comprehensive treatment.”

The HCC Cosmetic Arts programs currently include cosmetology, esthetics, and nail technology. Beginning this spring, classes will begin in Therapeutic Massage. Students in this program will learn deep tissue massage that will affect the muscle and nerves. The Therapeutic Massage curriculum prepares graduates to work in direct client care settings to provide manipulation, methodical pressure, friction and kneading of the body for maintaining wellness or treating alterations in wellness throughout the lifespan.     

Employment opportunities may be found in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, health departments, home health, medical offices, nursing homes, spas, health and sports clubs, and private practice. Graduates may be eligible to take the National Certification for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork examination and apply for state license.