The Haywood Community College Foundation Board and the HCC Board of Trustees have met a $25,000 challenge from an anonymous donor. Between both Boards, $25,000 was raised for a total of $50,000. In addition, HCC employees have contributed an all time high of $20,000 with over 90% of full-time employees participating, which is the highest rate of participation to date. The goal for the fund has reached the 80 percent mark.

The Fund for HCC is used to enhance the educational experience for the college’s students. While HCC receives money from the county for facilities and from the state for educational support, the college does not receive money for scholarships, student experiential learning, professional development, or college events.

The Fund for HCC is used to fill this gap. Mini-grant funds have recently been used to sponsor learning expos such as the Sustainability Expo; tutor workshops in which students learn from topics such as study habits, effective Internet searches, and math reviews; and instructional support and professional development for faculty and staff.  

According to Jeff Norris, Chair of the HCC Foundation Board of Directors, “HCC is an invaluable asset because it provides a qualified work force to the community. We all need to support these students in every way we can.”

HCC employees, the HCC Foundation Board, and the HCC Board of Trustees have shown their support and belief in their students. Many HCC graduates will enter the county workforce to make a difference in the lives of its residents. From the doctor’s office and the mechanic’s shop, or the beauty salon and local law enforcement agencies, HCC graduates are everywhere.

It’s not too late to give to the Fund for HCC. Please call 627-4522 for more information on giving a tax deductible gift to enrich the educational experience for students of Haywood Community College.