Michelle Choate, Haywood Community College Business and Entrepreneurship instructor, recently completed requirements for a doctorate degree in Sports Management from the United States Sports Academy in Daphne, Alabama. She has been at HCC since the fall of 2007and has taught at the college level for 18 years including two and four-year schools.

Choate received a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Western Carolina University and a Bachelor’s degree in Radio, TV, and Motion Pictures from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. She began her professional career in the private sector but when the opportunity to teach presented itself, she quickly took it.

“What I want students to learn from me is to not be afraid to ask questions, take risks, or make a mistake,” Choate says. “You learn from failure and from other peoples’ experience.”

Choate’s experience includes starting businesses and being involved in family-owned businesses.

According to Choate, teaching involves trial and error. “I have to find out what makes each student tick. I have to present information to them in a way that will apply to them individually.”

Choate says the students at HCC are highly motivated. “They have made an intentional decision to get an education. I like their mindset and their drive.”

Originally from Sanford, North Carolina, Choate spent summers in Haywood County growing up. Her family owned lodges here.

Choate says she enjoys the open and accessible administration at HCC. She and her husband have four sons ranging in age from 9 to 18 years. Her parents also live in the area. Choate enjoys running, mountain biking, and hiking.