Several Haywood Community College teams recently competed in the regional Creative Juice Collegiate Competition. The Competition challenges student teams to create value out of a throwaway item and communicate a message of environmental responsibility.

HCC held a local competition in which a first, second, and third place team was awarded $250, $150, and $100 respectively. All funds were graciously provided by the HCC Foundation. The HCC competition is a demonstration of the commitment to entrepreneurship, creativity, and sustainability at the college.

The first place team for the local HCC competition was HCC ETR 110 consisting of Jonathan Jeuck, Chris Marion, Hayley Leis, and Nicole Mackemull. The team melted the secret item, a plastic bottle, into a guitar pick that could be sold as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional guitar picks. This team also placed tenth overall for the regional competition.

The second place team was called Tetrapods consisting of Samantha Faust, Russ Leaptrot, Jesse Mills, and Tyler Cantrell. Their plan was to use a plastic bottle to be part of the insulation material in the walls of a greenhouse to warm up plants so that they would grow faster.

The third place team was Elvisrocks21 consisting of Nancy Watts, Jennifer Hoglen, and Ashriel Kidwell. The team cut up plastic bottles in different shapes and sizes to form plastic flowers that could be placed in gardens to provide color all year long.

The competition is a way to instill a sense of social responsibility in both students and community leaders. It is a venue for students to experience the value of imagination, communication, teamwork, critical thinking, leadership, and the power of global communication for a common cause. It will inspire our potential leaders of tomorrow while stimulating and celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship.