Haywood Community College’s Regional Center for the Advancement of Children has received a five star license. The center celebrated a ribbon cutting ceremony in August. With the change in location and name, the increase in capacity to 140 children, and the ability to serve infants, the center was required to be relicensed.

“The 5 star validates we are dedicated to a quality child care facility through low staff/child ratios, qualified staff, nutritious meals, and an environment that meets above standards for quality,” says Sara Galvin, Director of the Regional Center for the Advancement of Children. “We are fortunate to have a state of the art facility that allows us to give children a sense of self confidence and security so they can reach their fullest potential later in life. The Regional Center for the Advancement of Children is a unique facility that allows us to reach out through teaching and learning of all ages for our community.”

The environmental rating scale is completed by the North Carolina Rated License Assessment Project, UNCG. The process begins with an unannounced visit to the center by a State Consultant with the Division of Child Development. During the visit, the consultant observes classrooms drawn randomly on the day of the visit. The intense process has two scales, one for infant-toddlers and another for assessment for 3-5 year olds.

The 5 star license is the highest which can be obtained and verifies quality child care based on the facility (materials/supplies), staff (education/training), and daily activities (age appropriate) that support the environmental rating scale. The license is reviewed every three years to verify the quality of each child care program.

HCC’s Regional Center for the Advancement of Children serves children ages 6 weeks to 60 months with full and part-time care. In addition, a More at Four Pre-K Program is offered. The center is open to faculty, staff, students, and the community. Completion of the center is the result of a collaborative effort between the county, private donors, statewide foundation, and state funding.

For more information about the Regional Center for the Advancement of Children, please call Galvin at (828) 565-4187 or by email at sgalvin@haywood.edu. Information is also available on the college website under Information for Parents.