Haywood Community College’s Math Emporium found a permanent home at the start of Spring Semester. It is located in the 300 Building in Room 352. The Emporium was located in a temporary lab for Fall Semester. In addition to “Emporium” format math classes, the Emporium offers open lab hours each week with trained student math tutors on hand.

The Math Emporium features five pods, each of which house six computers. These pods work ergonomically to maximize the student’s ability to see the instructor and work independently on the computer. Instructors have more ease to navigate among the pods and more easily interact with students during the class. There is an Instructor Station, from which the instructor can manipulate projection of information and data, and an Instructional Assistant Station, for use by the Emporium Instructional Assistant (qualified instructor) and lab tutors for data collection such as attendance, testing information, and etc. The Emporium also features a remote projector and instructor offices for three math faculty which are connected directly to the Emporium.

The Math Emporium Concept is a result of HCC’s Quality Enhancement Plan initiative which focuses on developmental math. The concept centers on the redesign of math instruction from a strictly lecture-based classroom environment to a combination of both lecture and lab-based instruction. Instructors and students employ MyMathLab™, an interactive web-based software program comprised of interactive math tutorials, exercise demonstrations, practice exercises, and assessment instruments.  Students have the benefit of lecture, hands-on assistance from instructors and tutors, and relative freedom to work at their own paces.

The QEP is a requirement for reaffirmation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). SACS accreditation is important because it enables the College to offer Federal financial aid to students and to be recognized as a high quality educational institution. The College has maintained SACS accreditation since 1973.