On March 9 and March 10, noted author and trainer Lewis Forrest, will return to Haywood County for two free seminars to serve the business community.  Forrest is author of the book, Training for the Hospitality Industry and numerous articles on management and marketing.  He has designed training and human resource management systems for large and small organizations in 20 countries and has written over 225 training and operations manuals for business organizations. He is president of Forrest Management Consulting, Ayden, North Carolina.

The Small Business Center of Haywood Community College will sponsor these free seminars. On Monday, March 9, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at the Gateway Club in Waynesville, “Customer Service for Restaurants and More” will be held. Restaurants serve "guests." When more businesses begin to see customers as the guests of their business, they will begin to see the financial payback of positive customer service. How welcome do your customers feel when they approach the front door of your business? How special do they feel during the entire time they are there? How special do they feel when they leave? How many of your customers recommend your business to others? This seminar will focus on customer/guest expectations and how you can address those, regardless of the type of business you operate. Great service starts with the owner or manager who runs the business.  Employees follow the examples set by those in charge.  If they see their leaders reaching out to customers and guaranteeing complete satisfaction, they will follow that example.  This seminar will help you redefine why you’re in business and get back on track taking care of the needs of customers.

On Tuesday, March 10, from 9 am until noon at the Gateway Club in Waynesville, Forrest will return for “Sustainable Development for Restaurants and More”. Sustainable development," often called "green development," is development that uses resources and environment today in ways that do not restrict the use of these same resources by future generations. It is "responsible development" in a world with limited resources, many of which are under attack by the past practices of traditional developers. A new generation of restaurant guests and informed customers of all types of enterprises are supporting businesses that are leaders in green development. This practical seminar will help participants assess where they stand in the implementation of sustainable practices.