On March 10 and March 11, Tim Dannelly, of Edenton, NC, a professional speaker and trainer and author of Living the American Dream, will be the presenter for two free seminars. Dannelly will bring real world examples and his experience as a business owner and corporate manager will help make learning an enjoyable experience.  You will learn some of the fundamental habits ordinary people cultivate to become extremely successful, and once in leadership, to inspire followers to commit to great achievements.

The Small Business Center of Haywood Community College will sponsor these free seminars. The first is entitled “Traits of Successful People “on Tuesday, March 10, from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. on campus in the Student Center, first floor. SUCCESS is best defined as ‘daily moving toward your goals’.  Are you moving toward personal success or are you simply ‘limping along’?  Those in leadership today quickly come to realize the importance of teambuilding, motivating followers and leadership by example.  All the while, one must achieve company goals and objectives or find another job. Topics include:

  • Steps in getting employees committed to company goals
  • Keeping communications open
  • How to build a winning attitude
  • How to criticize effectively
  • Why happiness is so important to the company miss

On Wednesday morning, March 11, Dannelly will return for “Forgotten Fundamentals of Effective Leadership” from 9 AM until noon in the Student Center, first floor. Topics include:

  • Explore what and how to feed your mind
  • Examine the value of looking and acting like a leader
  • Learn to lead a team versus driving a herd
  • Stop wasting time and start exceeding expectations