Haywood Early College recently held an Honors Day Ceremony to celebrate outstanding students and recognize their accomplishments. The program was held in the Charles Beall Auditorium. Honors Day gives faculty and staff a wonderful opportunity to recognize student excellence.

Some of the students who were recognized at the ceremony included: Principal Award – Daniel Caldwell; Outstanding Students Awards-ALG I –Jessica Tyson, ALG II – Allison Cathey, U.S. History – Julie Burgess, Daniel Caldwell, Tyler McKinnish, Brooke Trantham, Lauren Williamson, Geometry – John Paul Rich, Cindalynn Crawford; Graduation Project – Tyler McKinnish; Job Shadowing – Chris Denney, Ben Gilliland, Kaleb Sisco, Cody Stiles; and Office Assistant – Devon Caldwell and Casey Sisk.

Haywood Early College student Daniel Caldwell was presented the Principal Award at this year’s HEC Honors Day Ceremony.