Rural Entrepreneurship through Action Learning (REAL) will be offered from October 19 through November 12 on Monday and Thursday evenings, from 6-9 pm. This four-week course will be held at Haywood Community College in the Freedlander Building in Room 204.

Good business planning can minimize risk and save you from significant financial and professional losses resulting from an unprofitable business. Learn how to take a business idea, improve or expand an existing business, and “walk through” the following steps: Self-employment assessments, the business plan essentials, legal structures, community analysis, marketing research and feasibility, targeting the customer and meeting customer needs, analyzing the competition, taxes and licenses, utilizing professionals, computerized cash flow analysis, and financial feasibility.

"REAL is practical experience and advice for students of business," said Eric Larson, who owns several companies including Zoom Factor, Inc., his newest venture. "Book knowledge isn't enough to be successful. You need rubber-meets-the-road learning, and REAL provides that." Larson completed the REAL course in 2004.

Kathy Hyatt, REAL certified instructor will facilitate this class. Hyatt has taught several classes and has trained other REAL certified instructors nationally.

The fee will for this class will be $65. Make a small investment of your time and money for increased business success and explore the opportunities and challenges of opening a business. For more information, call the Small Business Center at 627 4512.