Haywood Community College’s Continuing Education Department will offer Auto Maintenance II and Welding/Fabrication classes beginning in October. The Auto Maintenance class will begin on October 11 and run on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 5:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. through February 15. The Welding/Fabrication class will begin on October 15 and be held on Friday evenings from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. through November 19.

The Auto Maintenance II course is designed to provide the student with the skills to service and maintain a vehicle. The student should be able to perform basic diagnosis, measurement, and service using appropriate equipment, procedures, and information. Students will learn about oil changes, factory recommended maintenance, brake service, fluids, transmission tune up, tire repair, and balance wheels.

Instructor for the class is Mark Hicks. He has taught curriculum classes at HCC for four years and has worked on service and repair of vehicles for about 30 years. “This course is a way for people to learn to perform basic maintenance of their vehicle which could save them money,” he explains. “It may also open doors to someone who’s never thought about going into the field as a career.”

The Welding/Fabrication course will cover shop safety, equipment safety, set-up, operation, practice, hand tool safety, torch safety, and project design and development. This class is also a great way for industry welders to brush up on SMAW, GMAW, and/or GTAW welding skills. It is designed for all levels of students from beginners to experienced welders.

Instructor for the course is Stephen Elsen. His welding experience includes ornamental and manufacturing welding. He works with wood and metal to design custom creations. “Students have great ideas and projects in mind but sometimes lack the tools to carry them through,” Elsen explains. “This class is the perfect opportunity.”

Cost of the Auto Maintenance class is $175 and cost for the Welding/Fabrication class is $65. For more information about either of these classes, call (828) 565-4244. To register, call 627-4500.