The Haywood Community College Timbersports Team finished first place in the 2011 John G. Palmer Intercollegiate Woodsmen’s Meet and Forest Festival Day held at the Cradle of Forestry recently. The team competed against Montgomery Community College, North Carolina State University, Penn State Mont Alto, and Virginia Tech.

Following is a list of all HCC finishes:

Quiz Bowl
3rd Place
1st Place - Josh Justice, Jacob Wadsley,
4th Place Team
2nd Place - Amy Boone
Team Log Roll
2nd Place Team - Andy Fitzsimmons, Joe Bill, Kasey Riddle, James Judge
Horizontal Speed Chop (female)
1st Place - Kasey Stragnac
Standing Block Chop/Male
2nd Place - Andy Fitzsimmons
Water Boil
4th Place
Pulp Toss for Accuracy
1st Place Team - Dillon Michael, Erin Kearse, Kirby Shipman, Logan Hawkes, Joe Bill, Zach Ritter;
3rd Place Team - Ben Kniceley, Dana Dowdy, Ethan Bolick, Matt Harpe, Nick Jones, Trevor Hayes
Axe Throw/Female
3rd Place - Erin Kearse, Kasey Riddle
Axe Throw/Male
2nd Place - Jarrod Conard, Trevor Hayes
Pole Fell
4th Place Team
Pole Climb/Female
1st Place - Dana Dowdy
Pole Climb/Male
1st Place - Phillip Moss
Cross Cut/Male
1st Place - Joe Bill, James Judge;
3rd Place - Andy Fitzsimmons, Kirby Shipman
Cross Cut/Female
3rd Place - Erin Kearse, Kasey Riddle
Cross Cut/Jack & Jill
4th Place
Single Buck/Male
1st Place - James Judge;
2nd Place - Andy Fitzsimmons
Bolt Split/Female
1st Place - Erin Kearse
Bolt Split/Male
3rd Place - Kirby Shipman
Chain Saw/Female
1st Place - Kasey Riddle
Chain Saw/Male
2nd Place - James Judge
Horizontal Speed Chop/Male
2nd Place - Andy Fitzsimmons;
4th Place