November is National Career Month. In recognition of this, Haywood Community College will conduct several workshop opportunities for community members who are looking for a job or who simply want to enrich the skills they already have.

During Career Development Week, November 14 through18, HCC will hold several workshops for curriculum students. In addition, through the CareerWorks Program, members of the community can gain additional training at HCC’s West Waynesville Campus to assess their Career Fitness. The CareerWorks program focuses on helping individuals build the skills they need for a rewarding career. From job seeking to job keeping, the goal is to create a workforce-ready community.

Any time throughout November and December, participants may complete a “Career Checkup” to gain new ideas and insights for job search and career goals. Workshops offered during Career Week include topics such as online job search, online job applications, projecting a professional image, time management and organization, team building, customer service excellence, and electronic communications.

“The current economy has many people feeling like it’s impossible to get a job. But there are jobs out there. And you could be just the person they are looking for,” said Rinda Green, HCC Coordinator of Corporate and Community Education.  “We hope these workshops will help people prepare for a successful career search.” For more information, call 828-246-9233 to speak to one of the HCC Career Coaches.

Come in to ESC/Joblink for more informative CareerWorks workshops. These include Communication Skills, Computer Basics, Conflict Resolution, Customer Service, Interview Basics, Job Applications, Job Search Basics, Money Matters, Personal Responsibilities, Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Succeeding on the Job, Time Management, Work Attitudes and Behaviors, Work Values, and Interest Assessments. Contact Janis Rowe at 828-456-6061 Monday through Thursday for times, dates, and to reserve a space.

Stop by the Haywood Baptist Relief Center Tuesday through Thursday to explore the training opportunities available through the LifeWorks class, a partnership between HCC’s CareerWorks and Christian Women’s Job Corp.

An industry or demonstrated skills credential is always a résumé asset.  Many jobs require basic skills in applied mathematics, reading for information, and locating information. The Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) provides a nationally recognized credential that certifies skill level in these important areas. HCC offers tools for preparing for this valuable credential and provides opportunities to take the CRC assessment to earn this credential. For more information about a CRC certificate, call Rachael Caldwell at 828-564-5093 or visit the HCC West Waynesville Campus across from Wal-Mart.

The Benefit Bank of North provides a one stop solution to finding all the resources that are available to North Carolina and United States citizens.  Call Howard Tew at 828-246-9233 to learn more about Benefit Bank.

For help getting started in a new career or help revitalizing an existing career, check out HCC’s CareerWorks program. Visit any one of these three employability labs to get started on the journey to an ideal career.