December, 2012
  1. HCC’s Board of Trustees Presents Certificate of Appreciation to Local Fire Departments
  2. HCC’s SGA Creates Volunteer Days to Serve the Community
  3. HCC’s Adult High School Students to Participate in Career & College Promise
  4. HCC Students Participate in National Career Development Association’s Poetry and Poster Contest
November, 2012
  1. HCC Continuing Education Department Offers Two Holiday Workshops
  2. HCC Celebrates National Career Development Week by Welcoming Back Alumni
  3. HCC Criminal Justice Awarded 18 Trophies at Competition
  4. HCC GED Instructor Ernest Lee Recognized During National Disability Employment Awareness Month
  5. GED Test Credits to Expire at End of 2013
October, 2012
  1. HCC Registration for Spring Now Underway (10/29/12)
  2. HCC’s Sharron Donnahoe Named Outstanding Service Provider of the Year
  3. HCC Professional Crafts Wood Student and Graduate Win at International Woodworking Fair
  4. HCC to Hold Events in Celebration of National Career Development Day
  5. HCC Timbersports Team Rocks the Cradle
  6. Jammin’ Event Offers Something for Everyone
  7. HCC Offers Program on Microloans to Small Businesses (10/15/12)
  8. HCC Student Association of Medical Assistants Participate in Alzheimer’s Walk
  9. HCC Hosts Regional Competition (10/09/12)
  10. HCC Students are a Dedicated Husband and Wife Team
  11. HCC Holds Criminal Interdiction Class
  12. HCC Announces New PCs for GED Program
  13. HCC to Offer Seminar on Legal Structure for Business (10/01/12)
September, 2012
  1. HCC to Offer Seminar on “Business Start-up Issues…A to Z”
  2. HCC to Hold Jammin’ at the Millpond Event on October 13 (09/12/12)
  3. Haywood County Schools and Haywood Community College Sign Memorandum of Understanding
  4. Learn How to “Strengthen Your Communication Skills at Work”
  5. HCC to Offer “How to Write a Business Plan”
  6. Learn How to Fight Business Fraud
  7. HCC Fish and Wildlife Students Help with Youth Dove Hunt
  8. HCC to Offer Seminar on Marketing for the Craftsperson & Artist (09/05/12)