Haywood Community College Day Quilting Workshop student Rikki Williams (pictured) had no idea she would be the luck y winner of this Confetti Quilt as it was being made in her class. Students decided to make the quilt to be given away at the recent Share the Warmth Concert. Little did they know the quilt would come full circle. Williams is sending the quilt to her son, US Air Force Sergeant Zebulon Williams, who is stationed in California. He will use the quilt for a raffle to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.

All money raised at the Share the Warmth Concert, so far over $8,600, went 100 percent to Mountain Projects’ Heating Assistance Program. The event was sponsored by HCC and Champion Credit Union.

“I bought tickets to give back to the community,” Williams explains. “This quilt shared the warmth, now it’s going to share comfort. Who knows where it will end up!”