Four Haywood Community College students and one faculty member represent the college at the 2012 NC Community Colleges Art Exhibition. Christopher Cagle, Professional Crafts Fiber student; Nathaniel Chambers, Professional Crafts Wood student; Kira Farrington, Associate in Arts student; Lillian Parks, Continuing Education faculty member; and Cory Plott, Professional Crafts Clay student all have work in the show.

Cagle’s piece is an untitled wall hanging. Chamber’s piece is titled “A Bowl with a Hole is Not a Piece of Firewood.” Farrington’s photography is the winner of the People’s Choice Award for HCC’s first Photo Contest and is called “Dead End.” Lillian Parks’ watercolor is titled “Melons.” Cory Plott’s ceramic piece is called “The Chicken of Creation.”

Cagle’s piece was selected as Second Place for an Art Excellence Award by the Visual Art Exchange, the oldest non-profit visual arts organization in Raleigh. These awards were based on artistic excellence, level of craftsmanship and conceptual innovation.

The art exhibition is open to each of the 58 community colleges in North Carolina. Artwork from all media is represented in the show. The pieces remain on display for the entire year.

Farrington says of her piece, “The purpose of this picture is to visualize that we never really are at a dead end. I am thankful to be part of this wonderful college that opens up a world of opportunities for so many students. At HCC, there are no dead ends.”

Chambers explains his piece by saying, “Within the journey there are sometimes accidents, and within those accidents there are always opportunities.”    

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