Tony Gaddis, Haywood Community College 1981 Business Administration and 1985 Electronic Data Processing graduate, was selected as Outstanding Alumni Recipient for 2012 for the college. The Haywood County resident was selected because of his commitment to his profession and his support of HCC. Gaddis is the author of 13 computer programming textbooks that are used in hundreds of universities worldwide.

When Gaddis started writing, he wasn't sure his book would succeed because the market was saturated. But his book was different. He wrote it with his HCC students in mind, and that was just what the market needed.

For the first four years, Gaddis' book sales doubled annually. He is now one of the most successful computer science authors, with 13 books, and 48 editions bearing his name. His books are published by Pearson Education, and some of his titles are the Number One Bestsellers in their field.

After graduating from HCC, Gaddis continued his education, earning Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. He was a faculty member at the Institute for College and University Teaching, and he spent a summer teaching scientists and engineers in the Space Shuttle program at NASA.

Gaddis began teaching at HCC in 1987. He received the NC Community College Excellence in Teaching Award in 1994 and the Teaching Excellence award from the National Institute of Staff and Organizational Development in 1997.

“When I learned I was selected for this award, I began thinking about all the ways HCC has impacted my life,” Gaddis explains. “It was the beginning of my teaching career that lasted 19 years. It was also where I started my higher education. I owe a huge part of my success to HCC.”

In addition to being recognized at the college’s graduation ceremonies, a reception was held at HCC in honor of Gaddis.