The Downtown Waynesville Association, HCC’s Small Business Center, and Old Town Bank are partnering to offer a program on how you can protect your business by preventing and combatting business fraud. On Tuesday, September 18, from 8:30 -10 am business owners will meet in the Waynesville Town Hall Board Room for this important program.

Topics to be covered:

  • Using Social Media for your business: When are you at risk with Facebook, Twitter
  • Counterfeit checks and debit cards: Identifying the real thing
  • ACH - Automated Clearing House: Small Business Account Takeovers  Business account takeover is when cyber-thieves gain control of a business’ bank account(s) by stealing the business’ valid online banking credentials
  • EBAY and Pay Pal - Internet sales and Shopping.
  • VISA and MC – Their logo - Their rules.


Dana Klinger, Vice-President and Information Security Officer at Old Town Bank will be the presenter. Call DWA @ 456 3517 to preregister for this free seminar.