The Small Business Center at Haywood Community College will offer free seminar on “Strengthening your Communication Skills at Work” on Thursday morning, September 20, from 9 AM until noon. It will be held on campus in the Student Center.

It’s a fact. The ability to communicate effectively and work well with others on the job can make or break your career. Don’t believe it? Consider this statistic from a survey of U.S. businesses: “Inability to communicate” and “poor communication skills” were the top reasons for rejecting job applicants. Strengthening Your Communication Skills at Work is an intensive, interactive and fun workshop that provides you with proven techniques to gain the essential people skills you need to push ahead in your career. Participants will learn and begin to master:

•How to gain enthusiasm for their ideas, buy-in for their plans and support

•Connecting with new people quickly, establishing rapport, building long-lasting professional relationships

•Handling difficult people more effectively with less stress

•The ability to pinpoint and eliminate habits and tendencies that hold them back

•Dealing quickly and effectively with those who challenge you or put you down in front of others

•Establishing yourself as a respected leader who gets exceptional results through others

•Communicating more effectively in your emails, meetings and one on one

Andrew Sanderbeck is a recognized expert trainer, coach and consultant on leadership and team development, customer service and developing cohesive management teams. He has owned and operated both retail and manufacturing businesses and has taken his life experiences of working with and owning his companies and turned them into gems of applicable knowledge for his clients. Andrew presents for audiences both domestically and internationally conducting training classes in the Caribbean, Europe and the Far East.

Call the Small Business Center @ 627 4512 to preregister for this free business seminar.