Haywood Community College is now offering a new program called PCs for GED. This green initiative is aimed at helping members of the community discard old PC computer equipment while supporting the educational success of HCC GED graduates.

The PCs for GED Program will give donated PC computer equipment to GED graduates. A computer is one of the most valuable tools a student can have for their education. In addition, HCC students who are interested in learning about refurbishing computer equipment and about proper disposal methods will be able to learn from working with these donated computers. Another benefit of this program is saving community members time and money in disposing of the PC or erasing valuable data. This in turn will keep these PCs out of the landfill. 

Once a PC computer is donated, it will be evaluated for suitable parts. Hard drives will be overwritten to protect personal data. Once the computer is refurbished, software appropriate for college-level use will be installed. 

Donating a PC computer is easy. Bring your tax deductible computer donation to the HCC Library in the 200 building on campus during normal operating hours. Computers may also be dropped off at the Jammin’ at the Millpond event on Saturday, October 13. A table will be set up in front of the lower level of the Student Services Building. Currently, laptops are not accepted for this program. 

For more information about HCC’s new PCs for GED Program, please call 828-565-4025 or visit the program’s website at www.haywood.edu/PCs4GED.