Haywood Community College’s Continuing Education Public Safety program recently hosted a Criminal Interdiction class on campus that drew officers from all over North Carolina and South Carolina including the Savannah River Site nuclear facility. These officers worked with Diamondback Specialized CMV Training and K9 trainers to learn the latest tricks of the trade when dealing with the commercial vehicle business.

According to lead instructor Ray Herndon of the Buncombe County Sherriff’s Office, “Since 9/11, more criminal activity has been occurring on our highways. We are teaching law enforcement to be more aware of what is on the highway. We are teaching these officers how to find criminal enterprise, whether it is cargo and equipment theft, counterfeit or pharmaceutical goods.”

Participants learned how to verify information, notice what doesn’t belong, become familiar with these commercial vehicles, and how criminals exploit brands and logos and clone vehicles.

Herndon has a unique background that makes the training even more beneficial. He owned his own trucking business for several years and was in law enforcement as a State Highway Patrolman. This experience affords students the unique opportunity to learn from instructors that are intimately familiar with the transportation industry and how it operates.

According to Herndon, almost all the equipment used to train students in this course was seized from criminal activity and purchased through auctions.  

Diamondback focuses specifically on the commercial motor vehicle/transportation industry. It was designed to give attendees the knowledge and confidence necessary to identify, apprehend and successfully prosecute those that seek to exploit the industry for criminal gain.