Haywood Community College’s Student Government Association has devised a series of Volunteer Days to show a commitment to serving the community. Through the Haywood-Jackson Volunteer Center, the group of students will visit local non-profit agencies around Haywood County in need of volunteer workers.  

The first Volunteer day was held recently at Fines Creek Community Center where students removed old paint, added new paint, and assisted in much needed floor repairs.

“I am in awe of the amount of work that was done in two hours,” said Karen Hammett, President of the Fines Creek Community Association. Susan Livengood, an artist-in-residence at the center, called the work, “an amazing leap forward.”

“Our efforts in Fines Creek show the power of a small group of people to make large changes in the lives of others,” commented Jeff Hoyle, SGA President.

HCC’s SGA will continue to lead monthly trips to local non-profit organizations through the spring semester. Any HCC student is encouraged to join the initiative. For more information, contact the SGA Advisor, Paul Denkenberger, at 627-4607.