The Small Business Center of Haywood Community College will offer a free seminar entitled, “Business Start-Up Issues A-Z” on Tuesday, January 22, from 6-9 p.m. on the HCC campus in the Student Center building, first floor. No one starts a business to have the life drained out of them, but it happens way too often. Your first year in business is make-or-break time.  It can be a time of excitement, confusion and turmoil. Starting off on the right foot can create the foundation for a lasting, profitable business.  This is a "soup-to-nuts" seminar that covers all the important issues you need to consider when starting your business:

  • Choosing a business name and a location
  • Licenses, permits, franchises, and purchasing an existing business
  • Types of risk businesses face and insurance issues, various tax issues
  • Challenges of managing a business, family-owned business issues, and common mistakes new business owners make, and more…

Russ Seagle of Seagle Management Consulting is the presenter. For more information or to preregister for this free program, call the Small Business Center at 627-4512.