Haywood Community College recently held an Honors Day Ceremony to celebrate our outstanding students and recognize their accomplishments. The program was held in the Charles Beall Auditorium. Honors Day gives instructional and student services divisions a wonderful opportunity to recognize student excellence.

Students who were recognized at the ceremony were:

  • Melody Chandler, NC Community College Academic Excellence Award
  • Devia Eller, Academics Award for Student Excellence in Service
  • Kayla Ollis, Academics Award for Student Excellence in Leadership
  • Chris Coward, Cody Greene, and Susie Fielden, Student Ambassadors
  • Noah Ball, NC Student Leadership Development Program Representative
  • Jeff Hoyle, Jim Bowls, Mary Batten, 2012-13 Student Government Association Officers
  • Chris Coward, Eric Marshall, and Barbara Stuteville
  • Jeff Hoyle, Outstanding Student Leadership Award
  • Aaron Perez, Gov. Robert W. Scott Student Leadership Award state finalist
  • Elizabeth Lewis, Dr. Dallas Herring Award
  • Donna Parton, Tutor of the Year
  • Paul Carroll, Tutee of the Year
  • Susie Fielden, Hope Smathers, National Career Development Poetry and Poster Contest
  • Keith Berner, Professional Crafts Leadership Award

In addition, the following students were recognized with Departmental Awards: 

Advanced Technologies Awards

  • Keegan Luckey-Smith, Outstanding Automotive Student
  • Nicanor Carrillo, MVP Building Construction Technology Student
  • Sandra Hatcher, Outstanding Electronics Engineering Student
  • Kraig Metzger, Outstanding Electrical/Electronics Technology Student
  • Levi Ross, Outstanding Computer-Integrated Machining Student
  • Darrell Frizzell, Outstanding Industrial Systems Technology Student

Arts & General Education Awards

  • Ben Baily, Outstanding Anthropology Student
  • Mordicai Howard, Outstanding Biology Student
  • Chris Coward, Outstanding English Student
  • Tamara Collins, Outstanding History Student
  • Kahtra D’Adino, Fiction Writing Contest Winner
  • Megan Hardesty, Non-Fiction Writing Contest Winner
  • Michaela Trasport, Poetry Writing Contest Winner
  • Garrett Wilke, Outstanding Math Student

Business & Entrepreneurship Awards

  • Gina Davis Ledford and Steffan Garry Rogers, Outstanding Students in Accounting
  • Steffan Garry Rogers and Carolyn Waldrop Littrell, Student Excellence in Business Administration
  • Brianna G. Willis, Outstanding Student in Computer Information Technology
  • Adrienne Marie Melvin, Excellence in Entrepreneurship Student
  • Adam D. Redmon, Excellence in Innovation and Creativity Student
  • Sidney David Rich, Excellence in Marketing Student
  • Eric Chad Canupp, Excellence in Funding Student
  • Linda Fulce Riddle, Outstanding Medical Office Administration Student
  • Diane Rene Floyd, Outstanding Health Business Informatics Student
  • Connie Muse Putnam and Shauna Lea Britt, Outstanding Students in Networking Technology

Creative Arts Awards

  • John Fitzgerald, Professional Crafts Leadership in Clay
  • Deanna Kaufman, Professional Crafts Leadership in Fiber
  • Keith Berner, Professional Crafts Leadership in Jewelry
  • Brandon Skupski, Professional Crafts Leadership in Wood

Natural Resource Management Awards

  • Eric Andrew Marshall, Outstanding Horticulture Technology Student
  • Hunter T. Edmundson, Excellence in Education and Stewardship Award Fish and Wildlife Management Technology
  • John Meece and Aaron Perez, Forest Technician Honor Society inductees
  • Aaron Perez, Excellence in Education and Stewardship Award Forestry
  • Amber E. Swicegood and Danielle Bouchonnet, Outstanding Fish and Wildlife Management Students for Academic Excellence and Professional Involvement

Health & Human Services Awards

  • Brittany Heatherly, Outstanding Cosmetic Arts Student
  • Cody Greene, Outstanding Criminal Justice Student
  • Tammy Leatherwood, Outstanding Early Childhood Education Student
  • Jennifer Green, Outstanding Medical Assisting Student
  • Brittanie Reagan, Outstanding Nursing Student
  • Belinda Clark, Outstanding Therapeutic Massage Student