Several Haywood Community College fish and wildlife students were caught in a flash flood on the Davidson River in Transylvania county yesterday evening. Students enrolled in the aquatic ecology class were in the normally shallow river doing an evening lab below the Pisgah Fish Hatchery when the river began to rise suddenly. Most students were able to get out of the river on the road side but two students were stranded on the other side of the river and to insure their safety instructor Chris Graves elected to remain with them. When the students and instructor did not arrive back at the van, concerned students contacted Brevard Rescue and the HCC Security office. HCC was notified of the incident around 10:30 p.m. and by 11:30 pm, it was determined that everyone was safe. Brevard Rescue personnel  located the group and were able to help them get safely back across the river. We applaud the quick thinking of instructor Chris Graves, our students and the rescue efforts made by Brevard Rescue.