The Haywood Community College Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, September 3 at 3 pm. Chair Richard Lanning presided over the meeting.

Outgoing trustee, Bob Morris was recognized for his service and support of HCC during his past 6 years on the Board of Trustees.

Chris Coward, the new Student Government Association President reported on past and upcoming SGA activities. Other SGA officers are Vice President Barbara Stuteville and Secretary Eugenia Ashe.

A brief history of the Public Safety Training Facility project was presented to the Board.  Richard Lanning recognized representatives from local law enforcement agencies and emergency services. “We appreciate everything that you do for the people of Haywood County,” Lanning said.

Deborah Porto presented an overview of the Workforce Development Division.

The Board took the following actions:

  • Ratified three new employees.
  • Passed a motion to give the authority to the HCC Administration to begin the process necessary for the construction of the HCC Public Safety Training Facility, contingent on receiving formal approval from the NC Community College System.
  • Approved the surplus list for the yard sales to be held on October 12.
  • Approved the revised Board of Trustees Mission Statement and Goals.

The Board of Trustees mission statement is:

College Mission

HCC provides accessible, affordable, and high-quality education, workforce training, and lifelong learning.

College and Board

 5-Year Goals (2013-2017)

1. Build effective relationships with community, industry, schools, and others

2. Build partnerships with businesses in order to offer certificates, meet workplace needs, and

   identify industry trends

3. Align Board and college goals with the college’s mission

4. Promote the unique qualities of HCC

5. Update and improve college facilities and equipment