Haywood Community College’s Early Childhood Education program was listed as one of the nation’s best online Early Childhood Programs in the nation according to BestOnlineColleges.org for 2013-2014. Data and surveys from programs across the nation was compiled and analyzed over the course of the 2012-2013 academic year.

At HCC, students can choose to pursue an Associate degree with four tracks of study or choose from three certificates. The Associate degree tracks include: Early Childhood Education, Administration, College Transfer, or Special Education. The certificates include: Early Childhood, Infant/Toddler care, or School-Age Education.   

The Early Childhood Education Track is designed to prepare the student to work in an Early Childhood Program.  The Administration Track prepares students to operate and administer an Early Childhood Center or Family Day Care Center. The Special Education Track is designed to prepare the student to work in Early Childhood Programs or public school classrooms with a focus on children with special needs. The College Transfer track is designed for the student who wishes to continue their education at a four-year university or college.

The Early Childhood Curriculum and the Infant/Toddler Certificate prepares individuals to work with children from birth through eight years in diverse learning environments. The School-Age Education Certificate prepares students to work with children in elementary through middle grades in diverse learning environments.

“If the Early Childhood Program was not available online, I probably couldn’t have accomplished what I did,” explains Tammy Leatherwood, assistant teacher in the NC Pre-K classroom at HCC’s Regional Center for the Advancement of Children. “I worked and took care of my three kids while I was a student at HCC. I had a job before I graduated and now I enjoy working with these children in a learning environment where no day is the same.”

Leatherwood is a 2012 graduate who received three Associate degrees, Early Childhood Education, Special Education, School-Age Education and an Infant/Toddler certificate.

For more information about HCC’s Early Childhood Education program, contact 828-627-4693.