Haywood Community College will hold two Appalachian Heritage Music classes: Banjo and Fiddle. Both will start on Tuesday, October 1 and run every Tuesday through December 3.

The Introduction to Banjo course will teach students basic chords, songs, and tunes as they discover the simple techniques for claw hammer-style banjo including a batch of useful licks. The class will work on developing fundamental left and right hand techniques.

The Fiddle class is also an introductory course. Students will find a solid beginning to the old time fiddle. The course will include the basics of tuning, noting, and bowing in the traditional southern Appalachian style.

Instructors will be Travis and Trevor Stuart of the Stuart Brothers. The duo has played together for more than 20 years. Though their music has deep roots in the local area, they have also carried their music far abroad playing for dances, festivals, music camps, and concerts all through the United States, as well as in England, Ireland, Germany and Russia. Closer to home, the Stuart Brothers are important members of the Junior Appalachian Music Program, in which they and other old-time masters teach schoolchildren to play traditional mountain music. The Stuart brothers have recorded two albums, and have appeared as ensemble players on many other musicians' recordings.

Both the fiddle and banjo classes will be held in HCC’s Creative Arts Building. The cost of the banjo class is $105 and the cost of the fiddle class is $125. Both will be held from 6 until 9 p.m. To register, please call 627-4500.