Time and again Haywood Community College Adult High School instructors hear the following statements:  “I wish I had a High School Diploma. I only needed a few more courses when I left school. My job is now requiring me to complete my diploma. I want to be able to tell my children I am a high school graduate. I completed my GED, but would also like to have a high school diploma. A personal goal of mine is to finish my high school diploma.” Through a partnership with Haywood County Schools, the Adult High School program at HCC can help people reach these goals.  

The instructors in HCC’s Adult High School program bring a wealth of experience to the students. They offer supportive, caring instruction to help students reach their goals.

Lynn Jefferys teaches remedial math in HCC’s Adult High School program. She is retired from a successful career in the Ohio school system. Jefferys is an energetic, creative instructor who has more than 40 years’ experience teaching math. Her teaching style removes the fear of math that many students have developed over the years.

Jefferys delights in seeing students succeed and says, “Math does not have to be scary or boring. We review all those math skills students have forgotten or never quite understood. My classroom instruction is very relaxed and non-threatening.”

Carroll Vernon has taught for almost 30 years. She has experience in public and private schools. She truly loves teaching and says, “Students complete their Adult High School diploma for a variety of reasons from better job opportunities, to help children and grandchildren with homework, to just doing it for themselves. I enjoy working with people who really want to get their education. Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn. When students start our program, they see that they can do this.”

William Douglas is retired from a career in engineering. He worked for several years in the material handling industry. In his last industry job, he was a Vice President. “ I like to see others benefit from education,” Douglas explains. “Knowledge of math and science are great assets for students.”

Douglas enjoys seeing how getting an education changes these students’ entire life. “Education is the key. It will make your life better.”

LeeAnn Littrell completed the Adult High School program at HCC and is now finishing her prerequisites at HCC with plans to continue her education at a nearby college.  She says, “HCC’s Adult Education Program allowed me to work at my own pace. My Instructors were very helpful and caring.”

Amanda Bumgarner also completed the HCC Adult High School Program. She is currently enrolled in Medical Assisting at the college. “The Adult High School instructors are wonderful teachers, but they are also wonderful, caring human beings. They taught me a lot, but most importantly, they prepared me for college. They didn’t offer shortcuts. Everything they did prepared me for what I am doing in college.”

“Our classes are small and are designed for adults,” says Patricia Smith, HCC Coordinator of Adult Education. “We are excited about the new classrooms we have created for the program. HCC’s Adult High School instructors are creative, encouraging, and work very hard to help our students succeed.”

Through careful evaluation of transcripts and an interview with staff, a determination is made regarding the number of high school credits needed and course of study necessary to complete the requirements for an Adult High School diploma. The Diploma is honored and accepted at community colleges, most private colleges, many universities, workforce development programs, and by employers as being equal to any other high school diploma earned across the nation.

Students are able to enroll in day, evening, or online courses throughout the semester. Courses are competency-based and there are no costs for tuition, books or materials.

To begin your dream of a High School Diploma or to receive more information about Adult High School opportunities, please call (828) 565-4182 or (828) 627-4648.