Haywood Community College Professional Crafts Wood instructor Brian Wurst and students recently finished a project for the US Forest Service to build and install a reception desk for the visitor’s center at their headquarters on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

At the request of the Forest Service, the design incorporates three features:  beetle-killed pine from western forests, eastern hardwoods, and a plaque from the parcel of the service’s first lumber sale.  While most of the materials were donated, the desk also features wood from the HCC Campus including:  red oak from the site of the Regional Center for the Advancement of Children, white oak from the site of the Creative Arts Building, and serviceberry from the old professional crafts building. 

“It is great that out of the many, many colleges that teach Professional Crafts Wood, our name came up and we were able to complete this project,” says Wurst. “Students got experience on a real-life commission including real world experience in dealing with a client. We were able to incorporate a number of techniques that are in the core of what we do.”

For more information about HCC’s Professional Crafts Wood Program, please call 627-4673.