For the second year, Haywood Community College’s Learning Support Services (LSS) Team made the decision to forego giving one another gifts and gift a student or multiple students instead. As a result, the Arnold Howell Award was created. This award recognizes students who embody the mission of the LSS Center and provides them with gift cards in appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

This year’s recipients are HCC students Jeannie Ball, John Mark Evans, Angelia Jones, Ronald Pelkey, and Farrah Rodriguez. The mission these students embody is the achievement of academic success and self-sufficiency. LSS fosters this by providing academic and study skills support. LSS has a team of full-time and part-time staff and instructors, as well as volunteers, who tutor, proctor tests, and teach the students of HCC. Howell, one of HCC’s most dedicated and adept volunteers, tutors in accounting. His extreme dedication and skill as a tutor prompted the idea to give the award his name.

This year, the award has grown. Along with the LSS team, Howell contributed to the award. And his generosity prompted others from the Career and College Promise Department, in conjunction with the college’s Foundation, to contribute as well. The Christmas spirit is contagious. The Arnold Howell Award is proof.