To be selected for Haywood Community College’s Superior Staff Award, you must be dependable, honest, and genuine. You also must master perseverance. This year’s recipient has all these qualities and has been selected three times for this award. Jenny Carver, HCC’s Natural Resources Department Assistant, has worked at the college for almost 30 years and will retire this September.

In addition, Carver is a graduate of the college with a degree in Secretarial Science from 1985 and a degree in General Education from 1997. During her tenure at HCC, she has experienced five presidents and several interim presidents, three college name changes, a move from the quarter system to the semester system, and a time when there was a total of one copier to serve the whole campus. She remembers when typewriters were the norm and computers were about to take over.

Carver came to HCC straight from high school, worked as a work study while a student, and was offered a job at the college before finishing her first degree. She started work in the Adult Basic Skills department. She then moved to Fiscal Affairs and General Education before settling in the Natural Resources Department.

In Natural Resources, Carver became the mother for students at their home away from home. She is known as the go-to person, the van driver, the bandage supplier, the chaperone on field trips, and the timbersports team lead cheerleader.

“I truly care about the future of these students and I am proud of their accomplishments,” Carver says. “I have attended all the graduation ceremonies since I came to the department in 1997.”

Carver has worked with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission to coordinate Hunter Safety, Bow Hunter Safety, and Boating Safety classes on the HCC campus for several years.

“If you've ever been involved with the Natural Resources Department in any way, you know how wonderfully kind, helpful, and caring Jenny is with everyone she meets,” says Kesi Stoneking, HCC Forestry instructor. “She is a wealth of information.”  

“I am honored and blessed,” Carver says. “It’s been a rewarding career.”

When she retires, Carver plans to travel. She enjoys the outdoors and helping others.