Two Haywood Community College Nursing students were recently awarded scholarships from the Haywood Healthcare Foundation. Angela Inman and Melvin Little were selected by the college’s nursing faculty for the awards.

Inman decided to change careers after working 12 years in a factory. “I wanted more out of a job,” she explains. “I like the thought of working in a field where I am going to make a difference. I can make someone’s day better.”

Another factor Inman considered was job security. Nurses are always in demand.

While Inman says the nursing program is challenging, it also keeps her motivated.

Inman enjoys playing with her son and going camping. She lives in Waynesville.  

Little spent 12 years working in the healthcare field on animals as a veterinarian technician and a critical care nurse for small animals at a veterinary college in Raleigh.

After leaving that field, he worked as a helicopter logger for 5 years traveling to different states. Little says logging takes a toll on the body. In nursing, he enjoys helping patients and seeing results.

Little currently works at Haywood Regional Medical Center as an emergency department technician. “I enjoy the fast pace and the difference you make in treating these patients because you can usually see the results. If a patient is bleeding, you stop the bleed. If they are not breathing, you help them breathe.”

Little is from the eastern part of the state. After visiting the area many times to fish and hike, he moved to Cruso. He enjoys fishing and being outside.

Both Inman and Little are very grateful for the Haywood Healthcare Foundation Scholarship. While the nursing program is hard work, the scholarship funds will allow them to devote more time to studying and less time worrying about paying for school. 

Photo by Diana Conard. Pictured left to right are Angela Inman and Melvin Little, recipients of the Haywood Healthcare Foundation scholarship. Both students are in Haywood Community College’s nursing program.